We Have

A dedicated and professional cleaning team.

We have a team of experienced and dedicated cleaners.
Almost all of out team members have at least 5 years of cleaning experience and most them were at least site supervisors.

We Are The Best

We can clean your home interior

Whenever you need a cleaner, we will be happy to do the job.
We have our own equipments and skilled stuff to do the cleaning for you, while you can sit back and relax.

We Are Offering

Your Full Satisfaction and Best Price

We are giving you a satisfaction guarantee. Until you are fully satisfied, we will keep working.
We will ask for the most reasonable price with no hidden costs. We will inspect your place and inform you about the jobs to be done and the cost for each job.

New Technologies


We always adopt the latest and effective cleaning technologies to help reduce stress and to finish the job more efficiently. We are using modern machineries and most effective chemicals and always train our stuff to use those accordingly. Best cleaning service also have coordination with local and foreign cleaning item suppliers to get the best and latest cleaning products, machineries and chemicals in first hand. 

Eco Materials


We are very much concern about the effect of harmful chemicals to your health and  to the environment, so all of the chemicals used by Best Cleaning Service is Eco friendly. We will obviously notify you if we are going to use any chemical that may cause any damage to you, your pet or your plants. In most cases, you will not even get any chemical smells after we will do the job. We use very low amount of chemicals to clean.

Best Price


In this competitive market, we will give you the best price for cleaning. Some of our competitors will add some hidden costs with the price, but we will not add any more costs with the given price. We even describe the costs of each individual work to you, that you can compare with the others. We are the professionals, so want to get the job, so there would be no cheating. Our price will be reasonable but lower then the others.